Construction Standards

1. Modules shall follow the standards and construction guidelines set forth in the NTRAKModule Manual.

2. All NJS-owned modules shall use the NJS legacy aluminum pipe and flange system for legging.  Owners of private modules are highly encouraged to follow this same NJS standard.

3. All PECO turnouts on NJS-owned modules shall have flangeways shimmed as required to ensure the highest level of performance with all makes of wheel sets.  This greatly decreases derailment incidents while traversing through the turnout, particularly at low speed (prototypical). 

4. All PECO turnouts on NJS-owned modules shall undergo the NJS 5-wire treatment, whereby each stock rail, each point rail, and the frog all receive an attached wire.  The front rail stock rail shall be the color of the rail line that the turnout will be installed into; the rear rail stock rail shall be the corresponding rear-rail color (Black, White, Gray); the points and frog wires shall be green.